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Knowing the value of your vehicle is your best negotiating tool. Whether you are thinking of trading it in, selling it yourself, or having to come to a settlement with an insurance company knowing the factors that affect the value of your vehicle will protect and arm you for successful negotiating.

Remember, you do not have to shop our lot to get this service. If you are thinking of trading your car in at another dealership, it would be a good idea to verify that they are giving you a fair price for your trade in!

There are several on line services where you can look up a basic value. But the value you find may be based on book values that don't take into consideration the detailed condition of the vehicle, the current market conditions and even things such as color of the vehicle that are a large part of determining value. We do not recommend relying solely on those type of services.


Drive in: This is the most accurate method of appraising. We always make it fast and painless to get an appraisal of your vehicle. We can sit down and show you the retail, wholesale and trade values. We will offer advice and guidance for any options you may have.

Phone Appraisals: Just call us at 850-436-8080 or 877-436-8080 (toll free) and one of our sales representatives will access our appraisal database and ask you about the specifics of the vehicle and within a minute or two you will be given the retail value, trade value and wholesale value of you vehicle.

Email Appraisals: just email us at sales@frontiermotorsinc.com with the specifics of the vehicle and we will reply with the retail value, trade value and wholesale value of your vehicle.

Please take advantage of this valuable FREE service.

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