We Will Buy Your Car!

At Frontier Motors we buy a lot of our cars directly from private individuals. We have become known for being the dealer to go to if you want to make a quick and easy sale. We welcome the opportunity buy directly from you.

Because we are a dealer with a large inventory and a wide selection of makes and models we are not afraid to buy most vehicles presented to us. There is always the exception where we can not agree on price, or we may have an overstock of a particular vehicle or the vehicle is not one we would feel comfortable offering for resale on our lot. In the case of older, high mileage vehicles we ask that you drop the vehicle off at our lot and leave it for half a day and we can get some bids from wholesale buyers who deal with the older cars.

Advantages of selling your vehicle to us:

You don't have to take the risk of strangers coming to your home

You don't have to advertise your car

You can't take someones car as a trade-in

You don't have to wait while someone tries to get a loan

You don't have to spend money to recondition your vehicle. We buy it as is


Bring your car to Frontier Motors and we'll check:

Exterior and Interior condition

Paint and body for dents, scratches and signs of prior body repairs


Test drive for running performance

We'll run a full history report & DMV inquiry

Based on the above findings we will give you a buy figure for your vehicle that will be good for 7 days.

When you decide to sell us your vehicle you will need to bring the following items.

1. Title - make sure all owners are present to reassign title to Frontier.

2. Keys, Remotes, Door Codes & nav. Disk (where applicable).

3. Owner's Manual & Service Records

4. Photo ID - for each titled owner.

5. Lien Pay-off information - If you have an outstanding loan we will need the lien holder’s name and phone number, the acount number and social security number of the borrower.

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