Consign Your Car with Frontier Motors

Advantage of having your Vehicle under Consignment with us:

If you have one too many cars, inherited a car or have replaced your car without trading in your old one we may have the perfect solution for you.

Frontier Motors will consign your vehicle and sell it for you!

Here's how it works:

Step One: Bring your vehicle into Frontier Motors and we will do a thorough appraisal and market research on the retail value of your vehicle.

Step Two: Together we will decide on a dollar amount you will be paid when your vehicle is sold. We do not charge any fees.

Step Three: A written consignment agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties. 

Step Four: You leave your vehicle with us and we sell it for you!

Step Five: We send you a check! in the case of an outstanding loan on the vehicle, we pay-off the loan at the bank and any money left over is sent to you.


When you decide to put your car on consignment you will need to bring the following items.

1. Title - make sure all owners are present to reassign title to Frontier.

2. Keys, Remotes, door Codes & Nav. Disk (where applicable) - If these things are missing we may lower the buy figure, as they are expensive to replace.

3. Owner's Manual & Service Records.

4. Photo ID - for each title owner.

5. Lien Pay-off information - If you have an outstanding loan we will need the lien holder's name and phone number, the account number and social security number of the borrower.

6. You must keep full coverage insurance on your vehicle while it is on our lot.

7. You must pay for any reconditioning in advance.

8. Please fill up gas tank when you drop it off.

Your vehicle will be seen by all of our customers and be on our website. it will be kept clean and marketable at all times.

You will get more money (somewhere between wholesale and retail values).

Dealers will only offer you wholesale or below.

We can take a trade-in on your vehicle - this happens with about 80% of buyers.

We can arrange financing for a buyer.

We charge no fees and we pay for all advertising.

We can warranty your vehicle.